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Myddle & Broughton Parish Council

Shropshire, UK

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Additional Information

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Myddle School Safety Project

The Clerk reported at the meeting on 1st May 2019 that an application had been made to have the development be paid for by using CIL Local Funds and he had discussed this with the officer concerned. It appeared to have been sympathetically received but needed to go through a full review alongside requests from other Parishes. A decision on the approved County projects was expected before the end of May.

Proposed plans are available below in pdf format for the new school crossing in Myddle.


A528/Newton-on-the-Hill road junction

The parish council at their meeting on 1st May 2019 recieved detailed suggestions to improve the safety and reduce traffic speed  from Mr. Gradwell and these were carefully considered. It was decided to opt for option 3 an amalgamation of both of the proposals which included the introduction of a 40mph limit prior to the start of the existing 30mph limit and the erection of various warning signs.

Proposed plans are available below in pdf format for the road juntion of A528 and Newton -on-the-Hill. 

Mr. Gradwell and Shropshire Councillor S. Davenport were to be advised and an application made for the project to be funded by CIL Local Funds.
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